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Photo credit: Marc Alan Sperber


In collaboration with humanitarian partners, the Education for Humanity initiative at Arizona State University (ASU) creates and implements relevant and integrative education programs with refugee communities worldwide. Education for Humanity offers a blended learning model combining digital learning tools with in-person support through partner organizations.

Since its establishment in 2017, Education for Humanity has impacted over 8,500 learners in 17 countries globally through its English language and college preparatory courses, along with its workforce readiness programs. In addition to these core educational offerings, Education for Humanity works with a range of partners to pilot innovative approaches for expanding educational access. These initiatives encompass the development of Entrepreneurship modules for refugee communities in Uganda and Rwanda, the provision of offline-first access to digital courses in Lebanon, and the establishment of personalized career pathways for resettled refugees in Arizona.

As the co-lead of the CLCC and an Advisory Committee Member of the Open Society University Network, Education for Humanity plays a vital role as a sectoral leader, championing the cause of refugee learners and fostering collaboration within connected learning initiatives.

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