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npj | Science of Learning Calls for Papers

16. June 2022

Nature Portfolio Journal’s Call for Papers

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Understanding and Addressing Inequality in Education

Inequality in education is a defining challenge of our time. Around the world, students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds are far more likely to underperform in school than are students from advantaged backgrounds. This gap emerges early in development and widens with age. This represents an enormous loss of potential and perpetuates harm into adulthood.What are the causes of inequality? And what can we do to reduce inequality? With the special Collection in npj Science of Learning, the work toward developing an interdisciplinary understanding of inequality in education continues, as this topic goes beyond one single discipline related to learning and education.

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MIT Refugee Action Hub (MIT ReACT)

16. June 2022

MIT REFUGEE ACTION HUB (MIT ReACT) MIT ReACT launched the year-long Certificate in Computer and Data Science (CDS) program with 18 learners from across the MENA region. The program consists of online courses in computer programming and data analysis, immersive bootcamps, and professional internship and experiential learning opportunities. Like many colleagues in the CLCC, MIT ReACT was compelled to redesign elements of our programming for the continuation to reach refugee and underserved learners despite the barriers formed as a consequence of the pandemic. Also, by shifting from a blended program to one conducted online, the program was able to extend admission to learners in new regions.

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Opening Universitiesfor Refugees (OUR)

16. June 2022

Opening Universities For Refugees (OUR) registered as a charitable incorporated organization (CIO) in the UK between 2017-2021. Since 2016, it has delivered five forums engaging more than 200 attendees to understand the higher education needs of refugees and brought leading partners together in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. In 2021, OUR hosted the 7th cohort of CERTE online, and 14 participants received certificates. By 2022, the program looks forward to expanding our program by introducing new advocacy activities by the partnership in the Asia and Pacific region.

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Photo Credit: LTUC


Luminus Technical University College (LTUC), a member of Luminus Education- established over 40 years ago, has been at the forefront of providing education and training opportunities to learners from diverse backgrounds. Our mission is to empower Jordanians, refugees, and youth with disabilities, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed for success in their chosen fields.

With 4 state-of-the-art campuses and 11 schools of excellence, LTUC offers a comprehensive selection of 98 programs, including 12 bachelor’s degrees. The diverse offerings are all market-driven, ensuring that learners can pursue their passions and secure employment upon graduation. LTUC leverages technology and innovation to create a dynamic learning environment where learners can engage with the material, collaborate with peers, and gain real-world experience. Central to our education model is an emphasis on practical training, elevating learners’ preparedness for employment and improving their job prospects

Since 2015, LTUC has experienced remarkable growth and expanded its impact. With the support of 36 international donors, foundations, and the Government of Jordan, LTUC has secured over 110 outcomes-based projects. These projects have enabled LTUC to offer around 26,000 scholarships, with 40% of the beneficiaries being refugees and 42% women. In order to expand access beyond scholarship recipients, we utilize innovative Islamic-compliant financial instruments to provide learners with options to finance their studies. Through scholarships and student-centered financing options, LTUC creates opportunities for those facing significant educational barriers.

LTUC’s growing impact is not only measured by the number of scholarships awarded but also by the achievements of graduates. LTUC has proudly graduated over 150,000 learners, and its employment rates reflect the success of the programs. By equipping learners with the necessary skills and knowledge, LTUC contributes to their personal growth, community development, and the overall prosperity of Jordan.

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