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Photo Credit: Centreity


Established in 2017, Centreity is committed to providing access to quality and holistic higher education by utilizing innovative technology and evidence-based pedagogy. Our mission is to form human connections that transcend technology, space, and time. We strive to deliver powerful and transformative learning experiences that inspire hope, fuel progress, and drive forward human potential.

With a leadership team boasting extensive global experience and deep expertise in higher education, humanitarian services, and capacity building, we provide a spectrum of tailored services. These services include but are not limited to needs assessments, capacity building, AI integration, and the development of customized, contextualized courseware. Our partners, which include NGOs and multinational agencies, benefit from our diverse and specialized offerings.

Throughout the years, our collaborations have extended to a diverse array of partners, such as Jigsaw, John Carroll University, Refugee Education UK, Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation, University Consortium for Quality Online Learning (UCQOL), and several government ministries. These partnerships have aimed to digitize courses, enhance the capability for online learning delivery, and establish connected learning systems. Additionally, we provide bespoke consulting services tailored to the unique needs and goals of each partner.

Finally, Centreity takes pride in serving as the co-chair of the CLCC’s Instructional Design for E-Learning (IDEL) working group. As a testament to our dedication to capacity building, we have conducted workshops in collaboration with ministries, UNHCR, and international NGOs in Jordan, Lebanon, and the UAE.

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