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Photo Credit: Dime


At DIME¬† A.C., we recognize the crucial role diversity plays in our society and value every individual’s inherent worth and potential. Guided by a strong belief in the unifying influence of intercultural dialogue, we respond to the challenges of forced migration by implementing comprehensive and student-centered education, advocacy, and legal support programs. These initiatives are specifically designed to shed light on the experiences of individuals affected by forced migration and foster unity through intercultural understanding.¬†

Established in 2014, DIME provides complementary pathways for displaced learners to access higher education in Mexico. Our flagship program, the Habesha project, welcomed Syrian refugees to Mexico, providing them with university scholarships, comprehensive migration assistance, and medical and psychosocial support from selection to graduation. Over time, the Habesha Project has evolved to support refugees already in Mexico and learners enrolled in online bachelor’s degree programs. DIME launched the Welcoming Communities Program to support our Habesha Scholars further and have a broader impact on the higher education ecosystem. Through this initiative, DIME collaborates with Mexican university authorities and students to raise awareness about forced migration and create university communities that are inclusive and welcoming to students from all backgrounds, including refugees.

Additionally, DIME has recently introduced two innovative programs. One involves mobilizing students to actively contribute to enhancing protection in the US-Mexico border region, while the other focuses on engaging students in reshaping media narratives about migration. Across these initiatives, DIME collaborates with a network of 21 universities and supports 8 student committees, including the Refugee Student Council, the first of its kind in Latin America.

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