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Our Global Footprint

The CLCC consists of over 40 institutional partners, including foundations, academia, and community-based organizations, dedicated to expanding access to higher education for refugees.

JWL Guyana, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic

CMIC Canada, Brazil
ASU El Salvador, Colombia, USA
MCF Canada, USA, Costa Rica
MIT Colombia
WUSC Canada
DIME Mexico

Edinburgh USA, Chile

OUR Mexico

JWL Global Switzerland, Germany
Kiron Germany
Edinburgh Scotland
MIT England, France, Germany, Greece
MCF UK, France
Mosaik Turkey
SYE UK, Germany, Turkey

ASU Ukraine

AUB Lebanon
JWL  Jordan, Iraq, Israel
JRS  Jordan
InZone  Jordan
Kiron  Jordan, Lebanon
SNHU GEM  Lebanon, Turkey

ASU  Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan

PADILEIA  Jordan, Lebanon
Mosaik  Lebanon, Jordan
LTUC  Jordan
MIT  Jordan, Palestine, Armenia, Syria
LASeR  Lebanon
CMIC  Lebanon
SYE  Iraq, Syria, Armenia, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen

Centreity Jordan, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates

IDEL Jordan, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates

HTU  Jordan

ACU  Thailand
ASU  Thailand

JWL  Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Philippines, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, East Timor

JRS  Thailand, Myanmar
Open University  Myanmar
Fugee  Malaysia
MIT  India, Pakistan, Philippines
Edinburgh  India, China, Singapore
ASU  Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya
Kepler  Rwanda, Ethiopia
MIT  Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia
InZone  Kenya

JWL  Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda

JRS  Kenya
SNHU GEM  Kenya, Rwanda
MCF  Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda
Windle International  Kenya, Somalia

OUR  Kenya

SNHU GEM  Malawi, South Africa

JWL  Malawi, Zimbabwe

JRS  Malawi
MCF  Malawi, South Africa
ASU  South Africa

King’s College London  South Africa

JWL  Central African Republic, Congo, Chad, Burundi

MCF  Cameroon
MIT  Egypt

ASU Libya

JWL  Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal

MCF  Mauritius, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger, Ghana, Benin

MIT  Ghana
ASU  Sierra Leone, Nigeria

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