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Photo Credit: GERE


Led by Jigsaw and Refugee Education UK (REUK), Global Evidence for Refugee Education (GERE) is an applied research initiative that places young refugee researchers at the forefront of educational change. Our mission extends beyond building better evidence and improving decision-making on refugee education; we aim to transform how refugee education research is conducted, including who conducts it. To achieve this, we enroll refugee youth in an internationally accredited, graduate-level Applied Research certificate program. This program seamlessly integrates online and in-person components and engages students in rigorous refugee education research. Through this comprehensive approach, refugee youth attain the skills, experience, and professional qualifications they need to contribute to the evidence base and pursue careers in research.

GERE draws upon insights from a 3-year longitudinal study called ‘Voices of Refugee Youth.’ This study addressed gaps in the current evidence base related to post-primary refugee education. It involved 31 Pakistan and Rwandan refugees who simultaneously participated in an Applied Research blended learning program, which was developed in partnership with Centreity and accredited by John Carroll University.

In the coming years, GERE aims to empower a substantial number of refugee youth with the skills and credentials needed to conduct rigorous research, access employment, and pursue meaningful careers in research. In doing so, GERE enhances the representation of refugees in the global research sphere, ensuring they have a central voice in shaping the programs and policies that affect their lives.

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