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Photo Credit: InZone


InZone, an academic program of the University of Geneva, pioneers innovative approaches to higher education in conflict and humanitarian crisis-affected communities. The pedagogical model integrates online courses, tutoring sessions, and on-site work in camp settings. InZone currently works with a network of refugee-led connected learning centers to deliver contextualized, safe, and inclusive tertiary education in transit countries, including Jordan (Azraq camp), Kenya (Kakuma camp), and Niger (Niamey and Diffa).

For over a decade, InZone has been a pioneer in developing and implementing Connected Learning for refugees and is a founding member of the CLCC. Its dual nature as an academic and humanitarian program offers the advantage of developing evidence-based academic courses that are responsive to students’ environments. InZone distinguishes itself with its innovative blended learning model, which unites academics worldwide, including those from in-country universities, with local NGOs, on-site refugee facilitators, and volunteer online tutors.

InZone provides diverse courses in global health, medicine, human rights, and interpreting, along with language pathways in English and French. We utilize established online resources like Coursera4refugees to host our courses and collaborate with partners such as ASU, Project Voltaire, and Prep my Future for tutoring support. Recently, InZone introduced two certificate programs in community health and education in emergencies, specifically tailored for refugees and practitioners in camp settings.

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