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Photo Credit: Jesuit Worldwide Learning


JWL offers inclusive and high-quality tertiary education to individuals and communities on the margins of societies, whether affected by poverty, geographical constraints, limited opportunities, conflict, or forced displacement. Our mission is to empower these individuals, enabling them to contribute their knowledge to society and foster a more peaceful and humane world. To achieve our mission, we partner with Jesuit and like-minded universities, organizations, and institutions to deliver contextually appropriate and internationally accredited tertiary education programs in a blended learning format.

Founded in 2010 under the name Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins, JWL introduced an initially accredited Diploma in Liberal Studies in collaboration with Regis University, USA. Additionally, JWL has pioneered a comprehensive, stackable learning path encompassing English language, professional, and academic programs leading up to degree levels. To address connectivity issues, we leverage our Humanitarian eLearning platform, enabling learners to access interactive educational material both online and offline. 

JWL currently delivers its programs in over 80 community learning centers in more than 30 countries, with tailored programs for learners in crisis and forced displacement contexts in Kenya, Iraq, Malawi, Afghanistan, and India. Across our programs, we reach 8,000 learners annually and are the largest provider of higher education in Kakuma and Dzaleka refugee camps in Kenya and Malawi. Through our global classrooms, students gain an appreciation for diversity and are inspired to contribute to their communities. Many of our alumni emerge as leaders, initiating refugee-led and community-based organizations, establishing businesses, and fervently advocating for the rights and well-being of refugees.

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