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Help raise refugee enrollment:

7% to 15% 7% to 15% by 2030.

Learn more about the CLCC and how you can support the expansion of connected learning programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CLCC?
The CLCC is a convening body that reflects the desires and ambitions of refugee learners and the organizations that serve them. With over 40 institutional partners, the CLCC works with governments, foundations, academia, community-based organizations, and student leaders to create more inclusive, accessible, and supportive higher education environments for displaced learners.
The CLCC aims to promote, coordinate, and support the provision of quality connected higher education in contexts of conflict, crisis, and displacement.
The CLCC advances the field of connected higher education by facilitating a vibrant community of practice and supporting research, advocacy, and capacity-strengthening efforts.
The Consortium is comprised of universities, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and community-based organizations that meet the following criteria:
  1. Must be an organization or institution (i.e., not an individual)
  2. Must have a track record in supporting and/or delivering connected learning in contexts of conflict, crisis, and displacement
  3. Must share the CLCC’s values and objectives
  4. Must be learner-focused and accountable to the needs of refugee learners, including the cost of education
  5. Must design programs and initiatives with long-term commitment and sustainability in mind
  6. Must be willing to share information and leverage resources to support the Consortium’s mission
Organizations and institutions are encouraged to review the CLCC Digital Playbook & Quality Guidelines before applying.
Organizations and institutions committed to delivering innovative connected higher education programs to refugee learners can benefit from joining the CLCC in a number of ways. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Joining a dynamic professional network and community of practice, which facilitates opportunities for shared learning, professional development, and strategic partnerships
  • Accessing best practices and current research, resources, and guidance from UNHCR and other global thought leaders
  • Unlocking a myriad of benefits for students, ranging from training and scholarships to internships and employment pathways
  • Participating in global fora and gaining heightened visibility through CLCC convenings and publications
As part of the CLCC, members commit to leveraging existing resources and knowledge to further the Consoritum’s mission. CLCC members are encouraged to actively engage in a wide range of CLCC activities, including webinars, panels roundtables, working groups, and our annual convenings.

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