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Photo Credit: Mastercard Foundation


Launched in 2012, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is a global initiative designed to develop the next generation of transformative leaders by enabling highly talented, service-oriented young people, primarily young Africans, to pursue their higher education and cultivate their leadership potential. The Scholars Program supports young people who face the highest economic and social barriers to opportunity, including women, displaced youth, and young people living with disabilities.

To date, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program has supported the learning and leadership journeys of over 45,000 young people. The Foundation works with over 50 like-minded and mission-driven university partners and NGOs to ensure that young people receive a quality education, transition smoothly to dignified and fulfilling work, and live transformative lives. Our alumni are starting businesses, creating jobs, and using technology to tackle critical challenges like climate change and health care.

By 2030, the program will double its impact and reach over 100,000 scholars. To scale our efforts, we are partnering with new universities and ecosystem stakeholders, most of which are based in Africa. Together, we will support a new era of economic prosperity and African-led growth.


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