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Photo Credit: MIT ReACT


The MIT Refugee Action Hub (ReACT) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was founded in 2017 by Faculty Director Professor Admir Masic. Inspired by his personal experience of forced migration, MIT ReAct aims to identify innovative solutions that expand learning opportunities for displaced populations worldwide.

MIT ReACT’s flagship program, the Certificate in Computer and Data Science (CDS) program, is a free education pathway for refugee learners wherever they currently live. Harnessing MIT’s resources and integrating online learning with experiential opportunities, the program provides learners with agile education-to-employment pathways.

MIT ReACT is broadening its reach with the launch of Emerging Talent, which offers global education programs to talented individuals from the most challenging economic and social circumstances. Our vision is to provide talented learners a platform to advance their skills, leverage their expertise, access a professional career, and become leading change agents in their communities.

MIT ReACT also actively supports advocacy initiatives aimed at addressing systemic challenges related to refugee rights, particularly their access to education and employment. To amplify our advocacy efforts, MIT ReACT co-hosted the Migration Summit in both 2022 and 2023. This impactful event convened hundreds of stakeholders, including universities, NGOs, foundations, researchers, policymakers, and the private sector. Together, they explored key challenges and opportunities for refugee and migrant communities.

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