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Photo Credit: Ali Khedr


Mosaik Education was established in 2018. We help refugees access tertiary education through online and blended programs that prepare refugees for higher education.

Although there has been an increase in tertiary education opportunities for refugees – online and in-person — young refugees are often unaware of these opportunities or lack the prerequisites to access them. Our programs address these barriers by providing refugee youth with academic guidance and counseling, English language skills, and mental health and psychosocial support. These programs use open online tools, on-site facilitation, and critical pedagogies to ensure they are accessible and contextually relevant to the participants.

Over the last 4 years, our programs have expanded to Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Mosaik enrolls over 700 learners annually in its Guidance Program. Within 6 weeks, 69% of participants had used the skills to access new opportunities, and within 6 months, 37% of learners reported being accepted into a tertiary education opportunity. In addition to our core programming, we also offer student-centered teacher training programs.

This year, Mosaik Education is working with refugee youth and refugee-led community organizations to expand our programs across the Middle East, Europe, and East Africa. Mosaik will also roll out its online English teacher training and tools in the Middle East and the UK to enhance existing language learning programs by introducing communicative and dialogic activities.

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