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Photo Credit: Yao Hui


The University of Edinburgh is dedicated to enhancing the accessibility of higher education for refugees. Leveraging our proficiency in research, digital education, and comprehensive support, we actively contribute to a number of diverse university projects and initiatives. These include:

  • Supporting African higher education institutions to develop suitable digital education programs for displaced populations. With funding from the Mastercard Foundation, the inaugural cohort will be selected from 6 Ugandan universities.
  • The Foundation For All (FFA) program is a blended bridging program tailored to refugees in Uganda. In partnership with the Refugee Law Project, the American University in Beirut, and the Mastercard Foundation, the University of Edinburgh helped develop a comprehensive Toolkit to guide the design and implementation of blended bridging programs.
  • The University of Edinburgh facilitated continued academic development and online professional network building for scholars in exile in partnership with the Council for At-Risk Academics (Cara) Syria program.

In addition to these initiatives, the university also runs its own Mastercard Foundations Scholars Program, which supports 85 refugee scholars pursuing post-graduate studies via distanced learning. To support our scholars and inform our education efforts, the University of Edinburgh leverages its deep expertise in trauma-informed pedagogy and other Refugee and At Risk Scholar Supports. Additionally, the University actively supports staff and student-led initiatives that support refugees. One of these projects is the Syrian Futures project, which collaborates with stakeholders within and beyond the University to facilitate higher education and employment opportunities.

Finally, the University of Edinburgh is committed to engaging in nationwide discussions that recognize higher education institutions’ pivotal role in promoting refugee inclusion domestically and internationally. Collaborating with partners throughout the UK, we strive to fortify our cross-university strategy, aiming to expand and enhance support for displaced learners across all professional and academic services.

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